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LabFlow microinjector is controled by the original software, supplied by the manufacturer. Microinjector allows to work with the selected types of Hamilton syringes. Dialog windows of the control software are designed to ensure intuitive injector operation. Connection between the injector and the PC is provided by communication via USB interface or through the WiFi technology.



The flow electrochemical cell is operated by ControlUnit module and on-line controlled by the software that provides acquisition and evaluation of amperometric and voltammetric data. The software is provided by the manufacturer of LabFlow.


For the evaluation of the measured data (curves, peaks and waves) a dedicated software el-Chem Viewer was created, which is freely distributed by the development team of LabFlow device. The  el-Chem Viewer  freeware is available for download on www.lchem.cz/elchemviewer.htm. Operating manual resp. technical documentation is available (Sensors 14 , 13943-13954, 2014).