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Microinjector and LabFlow System

LabFlow analytical assembly is a device combining precision dispenser (microinjector) with on-line connected carbon fiber microelectrode-based electrochemical detector, which is controlled by the ControlUnit. Microinjector is controlled by a PC connected via the USB interface or via WiFi technology. The main application area of this unit include implementing both in vitro and in vivo microdialysis experiments. Due to the capability of the microinjector to deliver precise, continuous flow dosing in nl/min range, it is possible to use it also for a wide range of other analytical applications, especially in the field of microfluidic techniques, flow chip technologies, microextraction methods, nanoCE and nanoESI and generally in precise volumetric analysis. Sample  / perfusion medium dosing is provided in a continuous operation and in combination with wireless control the LabFlow microinjector represents a leading solution namely in the field of flow electrochemical systems.